Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Commander In Chief?

Top Hillary Clinton strategerist Mark Penn says that Hillary is going to mount an offensive where she will emphasize that she would make a better commander-in-chief than Barack Obama and John McCain. If this is Hillary's best, last gasp strategy, her campaign is in worse shape than I thought.

Despite what Hillary or Bill or any of their cronies say, she loathes the military. It is very likely she would be the worst commander-in-chief in our nation's history. Women are naturally anti-war. It's part of their DNA. They will go to much greater lengths to avoid war than men will, to our detriment. Ladies, I am not applying this to all women. I'm just referring to the majority of the female gender. Do men like war? No. Do men understand better than women when war is necessary? As a whole, I think so.

I used to think this country was ready for a woman president, and they may still be. However, it isn't this woman.

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