Monday, October 01, 2007

Sen. Tom Harkin On Drugs

I have inadvertently discovered a potential cure for liberalism. I say "potential" because the pharmaceutical companies have not yet developed a pill that will minimize the effects of stupidity and arrogance.

Sen. Tom Harkin is a perfect example. He is a perfect liberal. When you have no substance nor evidence, make something up. With the media in your backpocket, you have a sounding board that will echo your fabrications all over the country.

Rush Limbaugh was misrepresented by Media Matters on his comment about "phony soldiers". He was not referring to all soldiers who oppose the war or the mission. His statement was directed at one phony soldier who lied (typical liberal) about events that never happened.

Since Harkin can't attack Rush with the facts, he has to resort to a personal attack. Dripping with arrogance and condescension, Harkin virtually accused Rush of being "on his drugs again."

Maybe Sen. Harkin is on drugs. Maybe he should be. If the pharmaceutical companies ever develop that drug for stupidity and arrogance, he should get the first prescription.

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