Thursday, September 06, 2007

It's Official: Fred Thompson Is In!!

Today there was a huge earthquake in the 2008 presidential race. Both GOP and Democrat contenders felt a cold chill run down their spine as Fred Thompson announced that he too would be running for president.

Since my previous post covers the reasons Fred Thompson should be the next GOP presidential nominee, I won't cover it again.

Yes, he will be vilified. He will have skeletons dragged out of his closet. He will be the devil. And those are just things the Republicans will do.

My favorite statement from tonight's announcement:

A government that's big enough to do everything for us is powerful enough to do anything to us.

Fred, we wish you the best in your campaign and we are behind you 100% until the very end. If you tire, we will hold you up. If you stumble, we will pick you up. If you lose heart, we will encourage you. If you draw your sword, we will draw our swords. For better or for worse, we are here for you.

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