Monday, September 10, 2007

If The Hsu Fits...

Democrat fundraiser Norman Hsu (pronounced 'shoe') has been illegally collecting and funneling money to people like Hillary Clinton. The Clinton campaign is giving back $850,000. Where is the mainstream media on this story?

I can promise you this. If the recipients of these illegal campaign contributions were Republicans, you wouldn't be hearing about anything else. And they say there is no bias in the media.

There was a story going around that Norman Hsu tried to commit suicide on the Amtrak train where he was captured and that is why he was sick and delirious, running around with no shirt or shoes. If that is the case, the whole thing is very Clinton-esque. People who become a liability to the Clintons or stand in their way tend to commit suicide. That always seemed very strange to me.

Being from Arkansas, I know political enemies and liabilities sometimes just disappear in the woods, a pond, or a river. Or they are mysteriously gunned down at a remote intersection of two highways. I'm surprised Dick Morris is still alive. He seems like a good suicide candidate to me. Someone made the comment that these people had been "suicided", indicating that their suicide was not self-induced, i.e., Vince Foster.

When you look at the Clinton's history and see the number of people who have suddenly and mysteriously died, you have to wonder why. Norman Hsu is in a bad position. He knows too much and he might commit "suicide" any day.

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