Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Don't be offended. I'm not talking to you. Unless you are some kind of GOP leader who is supporting the worst piece of legislation of the Bush Administration era. Yes, I'm talking about the ill-conceived illegal immigrant amnesty bill. House Minority Leader John Boehner said it best when he called it "a piece of s#@!.

The answer to both of those questions in the subject is 'no'. This is sheer arrogance. In the late 1970's a U.S. Senator told his constituents he voted to give control of the Panama Canal that we built to the Panamanians for reasons that we as common folk were too dumb to understand. He didn't use those words but that is precisely what he meant.

The GOP is exhibiting this same kind of arrogance in this absurd amnesty bill. Want an example? Trent Lott who was po'ed because "talk radio" derailed the first attempt at passage. Sen. Lott, do not bite the hand that feeds or you will be sorry.

This is my final warning to the GOP. You stop this insanity and bullying of the American people or you will drive a stake in the heart of the party. It is already suffering tremendously. If you allow this idiotic amnesty bill to pass, I will NEVER AGAIN vote for any candidate who is left of Ronald Reagan. I am dead serious! That means every GOP candidate that is currently running for president is off the table. I will NOT VOTE before I will put another moderate in the White House.

The first provision of any illegal immigration bill has to be to secure the border. You thought you were clever by passing the border fence bill knowing it would never get funded. Hear me and hear me well. The American people are not as stupid as you think they are.

Remember that you serve us or heads will roll in 2008.


S Roman said...

It is nice to see that not everyone out there is a political zombie, brainwashed by liberalism and decaying from political correctness in a time when people are afraid to speak their minds out of fear they might be branded a racist or bigot by liberal racists and bigots. They shout, accuse, lie, use name calling and strong arm tactics, break laws and change the rules to get their way and expect us to just quietly sit in the corner like a frightened little kitten and do nothing. Well hoorah for you and I have taken the same stand. May many others do the same.

D. Roman said...

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs. Since I found your blog a couple of weeks ago I added your link to our blog and have been checking back every day. Your articles are very insightful and well written. Keep up the good work.

D. Roman
The Maritime Sentry