Friday, January 05, 2007

NY Times Lies And Won't Admit It

Abortion is probably the single most divisive issue in this country. It pushes otherwise calm, sane people to extreme anger on both sides. It also pushes people to lie to promote their side of the issue - even supposedly unbiased, fair, and truthful major media outlets like the New York Times.

Freelance writer Jack Hitt recently did a cover story for the New York Times Magazine about a woman in El Salvador who was jailed for 30 years for aborting her 18-week old fetus. Pro-abortion groups picked up the story and promoted it everywhere they could.

There's only one problem. It isn't true. It isn't even close to being true. 26-year-old Carmen Climaco gave birth to a full term baby and killed it by strangulation. If the writer of the story would have bothered to get a copy of the court documents he would have noticed that very important detail. But it was too much trouble I suppose.

This kind of fictional writing that is passing for journalism is getting worse. We must demand accountability for the reporters, writers, photographers, and editors. They must be made to suffer the consequences for misleading statements and factually incorrect stories.

Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin

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