Thursday, December 07, 2006

OT: Swimming Pool Construction: Day 18

It is finished!!

The topsoil was brought in today and leveled. The pool is still filling with water but should be completed by tomorrow morning. If I could have just gotten that special wrench and fire hose from my brother the pool could have filled up in a couple of hours. ;-)

My cousin is coming out Saturday to help me put our privacy fence back up. I still have to order the waterfall kit and install it.

Final Thoughts:

  1. The pool is larger than I expected. We have a fairly small back yard and this pool (including the decking) took up about 75% of it. So if I could start over, I would choose a smaller pool. On one end the decking is about two feet from our privacy fence. On the other end it is about five feet from the privacy fence. The front side comes all the way to our house and the back side is 15 feet from the privacy fence. That is the utility easement.
  2. The shallow end of the pool is very small. It looks like it is about 10% of the pool area. There are a lot of small children in our family and it would be nice to have more room for them to play.
  3. I would have preferred not to have the pool installed in the rainiest time of the year but that is when the sales are running and work is typically slower. It was pretty muddy around here for a couple of weeks and we have more rain on the way. The worst part is letting the dog out and then back in.
  4. If I could start over again, I would still choose Burton Pools & Spas. Everyone has been very courteous, professional and knowledgeable including: Mark, our salesman; Jesse and Terry, the project guides; Jeremy, the builder, and his crew; and Daniel, the electrician. Thanks guys. You did a great job.


Andrew said...

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Anonymous said...

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