Tuesday, December 05, 2006

OT: Swimming Pool Construction: Day 16

(12:15 PM) Two of the crew members (including the supervisor) have been sick so they didn't get to work yesterday. They are back today smoothing the concrete on the floor and walls of the pool. They are also patching the holes where the water pushed through with some type of hot cement.

(12:30 PM) I just got a call from the electrician. He is coming over to run the wiring.

(1:00 PM) The electrician arrived. We discussed how he would run the wire and what the breakers were for. One two-pole 20A breaker for the pool pump and one single-pole 20A breaker for the pool lights.

(5:30 PM) The retaining wall is starting to take shape and this thing is starting to look like a swimming pool instead of the results of a bunker buster bomb.

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