Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Terrorism: The Big Picture

Dems have always held the belief that it was a mistake to go into Iraq and that doing so "created more terrorists." They are wrong on both counts.

We went into Iraq to topple a murderous leader that killed his own people and had ties with terrorists. Those ties are now being exposed despite the fact that some claimed they did not exist.

In the process we did not create more terrorists. We merely exposed them for who they are and what their global agenda is. After the toppling of Saddam Hussein, radical Islamists could not hold back their hatred for the West and Israel. They did not change their agenda. Their hatred drove them to show their hand. The radical Islamists have a goal to convert every person on this planet to Islam or kill them. Or at the very least, enslave them.

Taking a pro-Israel stance in the conflict has put us on the Muslim blacklist. However, it is our embrace of freedom and Western culture that makes them want to conquer us.

You may think that is an implausible theory but I submit to you that it is not a theory at all. Islam is not a religion of peace. It is a religion of domination and submission. It is a religion of conformity or death.

It has been stated that the majority of Muslims are peaceful and that only a small minority are radical. Then I have a question. Look at the radical Muslim leaders around the world like Hamas, Ahmedinajad, Nasrallah, Qadafi. How did those people come to power? It was by the will (or the apathy) of the people.

No, this war was not started by the United States. This was has been raging for thousands of years. This conflict will lead to the war to end all wars. When will it happen? Read this excerpt from a recent Iranian newspaper editorial predicting the destruction of Israel and calling on Muslims to prepare for "the great war" (Hat Tip: LGF):

“On that day... Jordan will not be able to prevent the Jordanian Islamists from operating through the long Jordan-Palestine border, and the millions of Egyptian Islamists... will not let the Sinai-Israel border remain quiet, and the Syrian Golan Heights will not remain as a [mere] observer of the battle. That day is not so far off.”

I don't believe the American people realize the importance of our role in the Middle East and how crucial it is that we elect the right leadership to maintain a strong position there. The last election proved that.

Whether we complete the mission in Iraq or we pull out prematurely, terrorism will continue. We cannot stop it. But what we must do is weaken its structure and limit its reach.

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