Friday, November 03, 2006

Shilling For Mike Beebe

Richard Weiss, Arkansas DFA Director, has attempted to give his preferred candidate of choice, Mike Beebe, an excuse for voting to override Gov. Mike Huckabee's veto of the legislation that setup the scams ran by Nick Wilson.

Gov. Mike Huckabee issued the following statement today:

"I was shocked to read the comments supposedly attributed to the Director of DFA that the reason for vetoing the Nick Wilson bill in 1997 was its connection to the budget of the Governor's Mansion. While I realize that Mr. Weiss is a contributor and supporter of the Democrat nominee and is free to support the candidate of his choice, he is not free to rewrite history. That bill was vetoed because of the way it would have set up the program with a process that would lend itself to funneling money to a process not subject to normal procedures. The Wilson bill had stink written all over it, I vetoed it, and Mr. Beebe helped lead the effort to override the veto as a favor to his friends in the Senate and without regard to the reasons for which the bill was vetoed. Beebe was not implicated in any of the scandal of making money off this scam, but to say he didn't help his pals in the Senate get the bill passed including helping override a veto because 'pals and politics' were more important than propriety is simply absurd."

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