Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Million Things To Say

Here is my analysis of yesterday's election which saw House control move to the Democrats and set the Senate up to do the same in a few weeks.

  • Conservatism Spoke Loudly - Moderate Republicans like George W. Bush found out what happens when you abandon your base. Conservatives could have easily handed this election to the Republicans if they had only danced with the one that brought them. Medicare Part D, a soft stance on illegal immigration, and capitulating on other issues important to conservatives alienated the base.

  • Not A Referendum On The Iraq War - Despite what Democrats are saying and what the media polling is saying, the Republican defeat has very little to do with the war in Iraq. It was a referendum on George W. Bush and the moderate legislation that has been passed since 2004.

  • Impeachment Won't Fly - John Conyers and Henry Waxman would love to impeach President Bush but I don't believe Nancy Pelosi will let that happen. We are two years away from a presidential election and bogging the House down in impeachment hearings would not play out well for the Dems. Americans do not want impeachment. They want the war to be over. Dems want impeachment. Impeachment proceedings would actually be a bonus for conservatives in 2008.

  • The War In Iraq Is In Trouble - This may not fly either but you can expect the Dems to cut off funding for the war. This is the single greatest mistake the Dems will make during their short-lived reign. This will not protect us from terrorism and another strike will put the conservatives back on the map. The big question is whether it will happen before the 2008 presidential election.

  • No More Conservative SCOTUS Appointments - President Bush has now been relegated to a lame duck president. His agenda was buried yesterday. This would be a good time to say, "Why can't we all just get along?" You can expect any Supreme Court appointments that even hint at conservatism to be "Borked". As a conservative, you couldn't pay me enough money to accept an appointment to the Supreme Court right now. I have an aversion to being hacked to bits.

There's a reason the Democrat's mascot is an ass.

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