Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Is John Kerry Really Alone?

John Kerry's brainless bashing of our young men and women who serve so valiantly has provoked outrage from the right and the middle. But where is the left (except for those up for re-election)?

The Associated Press and New York Times have already tried to rescue Kerry by making excuses and burying his comments. The Dems in Congress say, "We don't support Bush but we support the troops," which is an intellectual abnormality in itself.

So where are they? Why aren't Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi leading the Democrat charge against John Kerry's disdainful comments?

Could it be that they agree with him? If you look at local newspapers in Nancy Pelosi's district, they are saying that Kerry should not apologize for "telling the truth."

Every voter needs to take a long, hard look at the current Democratic Party before they cast their vote next Tuesday. It is filled with more left-wing liberals than at any time in history. We don't want to become the next France.

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