Friday, November 24, 2006

Insult Reparations

When I first heard about Michael Richards' outburst directed at a couple of blacks in the audience, I wondered how long it would take before they would ask for money. Actually, it took longer than I expected.

If I were Richards' attorney or the jury, my question would be, "How have these people been damaged?" They chose to go to a comedy club and they chose to heckle the comedian. When the tables were turned on them, they whine and want money.

Don't misunderstand. I am not defending Richards' outburst or use of racial epithets in any way. He was wrong. But to ask for monetary compensation is ludicrous.

Maybe Richards' was monetarily damaged by the heckling and should countersue.

Richards' has apologized and said he is not a racist. Many people who know him are saying that this is very uncharacteristic and that he is not a racist.

He apologized. Be a man, accept the apology and move on.

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