Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Darkness Creeps Across America

The socialists have taken over the House. The Senate is probably safe but don't uncross your fingers yet. The Missouri race is so close that even minor vote tampering by Democrats (which started before today) could tip the balance.

There is a bit of positive news here. The Democrats who have taken over Republican positions are very conservative. Was that a ploy to get elected or could they vote with Republicans on a number of important issues?

Also, the takeover of the House leadership by such hateful, liberal, socialists does two things. One, it gives me something to do for the next two years and that is to pound the daylights out of them for their irresponsible leadership. Second, it gives me hope for the next elections because if they are true to their beliefs, we could see a swing back to Republicans in the very near future.

The people of this country do not hold the same beliefs and values as the Democratic party. They are frustrated and disillusioned with the war in Iraq. It has been a difficult war but we CANNOT, I repeat, CANNOT quit now. The results in Iraq and around the world will be far more disastrous than we have imagined.

Please join with me in keeping these liberal kooks from destroying this country and everything we have gained over the past six years.

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