Wednesday, November 22, 2006

OT: Arkansas vs LSU Preview

Well, this is a big game for the Razorbacks. No, we have nothing to lose regarding the SEC but losing would hurt our #5 national ranking and kill any chance we might have of playing in the BCS championship game, even if LSU is ranked #10. USC beating California last weekend was pretty much the nail in the coffin.

USC plays Notre Dame this weekend and they are ranked #3 and #6, respectively. If USC wins, we probably won't move up in the rankings. If Notre Dame wins by a small margin, they will jump above us but USC probably won't drop below us. So, I'm hoping for a Notre Dame blowout. That might drop USC out of the Top 5 and let us move up one.

But first, we have to beat LSU and Florida. LSU has a good, strong quarterback but they've had somewhat of a bumpy road this year. Overall, Arkansas has better athletes and they just need to focus on their strengths and execute their game plan.

The Arkansas vs LSU game airs this Friday on CBS at 1:30 pm Central.

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