Monday, November 13, 2006

Arkansas: So Much For Civility and Cooperation

Max Brantley at the Arkansas Times blog has posted about a Democratic "rub it in their faces" party called the "Arkansas Blue Ball". The promotion is tacky and the name itself is appropriately tacky.

Here are a few snippets from the text of the invitation:

Democrats come together for an evening to celebrate a long and victorious campaign. This celebration is made possible by hard work -- with special thanks to Republicans Asa Hutchinson, Jim Holt, Gunner DeLay and the rest of the gang that couldn't shoot straight!

Democrats: $5.00 with advance ticket purchase or at the door.
Republicans: $5,000 in advance or at the door - and admission not guaranteed

Dems are saying they want us all to work together. If you take shots at me like that, I'm going to shoot back. I'm not a whining liberal pacifist.

Once again, I say that the Dems mascot is very appropriate. (I'm referring to the Biblical term for a donkey.)

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