Thursday, October 26, 2006

Why Is Beebe Squealing Like A Pig?

I am sick and tired of hearing that Asa's Just Like Mike Beebe ad is "despicable" or "wrong" and that it is an "attack" ad. The only reason Mike Beebe is squealing like a pig is that it is 100% true.

Definition of "attack ad" - When a Republican uses an ad to tell the truth about a Democrat's position on an issue or where they mislead voters by taking both sides of an issue

Another thing...Asa is not "using" anyone. There is only one of two scenarios in play here. Either the parents of those children approve of the content of the message and wanted their children to be in the ad or, those children are paid actors. In either case, no one is being used.

Maybe some of those kids and their families were hurt by Beebe's buddies in the legislature who stole $1.9 million while Beebe looked the other way. Maybe the parents of those kids just don't want a governor they can't trust.

Maybe those kids are smarter than Mike Beebe thinks.

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