Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What We Believe At RSC

Some readers have asked where we stand on certain issues. So we've decided to make a short list here on the RSC blog. This list will be updated as issues are raised.

First Amendment - We believe the First Amendment was written to protect the Church from the Government, not vice versa. We do not believe that those who hold religious beliefs should be excluded from holding public office. We do not believe in the "separation of Church and State" where its meaning is twisted to preclude any writings, teachings, doctrines, or religious beliefs from legislative, executive, or judicial debate or decisions. We also believe in the right to free speech and that it must not be infringed upon by any individual or organization.

Second Amendment - We believe that every mentally competent American is guaranteed the right to own and bear arms. This includes concealed carry permits. We also believe that individuals should be able to use those arms for self-defense and to protect innocent people without fear of prosecution by the Government.

Fourth Amendment - We believe that all Americans are guaranteed the right to privacy and that their property cannot be searched or seized without probable cause, nor should their telephones be illegally tapped. Please note that this right applies to American citizens only who are not talking with suspected or known terrorists.

Abortion - We believe that the Constitution of the United States protects all human life, regardless of its stage of development or condition of health. We believe that human life begins at the moment of conception. We do not believe that any person has the right to terminate the life of an innocent human being, unless the existence of that human being poses an imminent and life-threatening physical health risk to the mother.

Embryonic Stem Cell Research - Because we believe all life is protected under the U.S. Constitution, we cannot support this type of research which threatens innocent human life.

Gay Marriage / Foster Parenting / Adoption - We believe that homosexuality is a deviant lifestyle and that it is a symptom of a deteriorating society. Homosexuality is unnatural and defies the natural order of the human race. Because we believe it is deviant and unnatural, it is our belief that no child should be subjected to such a relationship through foster parenting or adoption by gays.

Illegal Immigration - A sovereign nation should have complete authority to limit the number of people who enter its borders. Any person entering this country illegally, while they should be treated humanely, should not inherit rights provided by our Constitution and should be immediately deported. In the interest of national security, we must secure our borders.

Global Warming - Alarmists have existed for thousands of years. In the 20th Century, the global warming / ice age scares seemed to be cyclical. Man did not create this planet and we do not have the power to destroy it. We believe global warming has been scientifically documented to be an invalid theory.

Taxes and Spending - We believe the Government has become a bloated bureaucracy that wastes billions of dollars each year. We believe the Government should be required to operate on a balanced budget. We believe that income tax is confiscatory and should be abolished. We support a flat consumption tax with breaks for lower income families.

Eminent Domain - This is something we cannot believe is happening in this country. Eminent domain is legalized theft of property.

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