Monday, October 23, 2006

Warning: April Fools Coming November 7 This Year

The Dems and the media are so giddy over the possibility of the Dems taking control of Congress that they will simply be unrestrained on Election Day. What should you expect?

  1. Skewed Exit Polls - Remember 2004? According to exit polls the morning of the election, John Kerry was going to be our next president. I firmly believe this was an attempt to make it look as if the election was over and keep Republican voters away from the polls.
  2. Premature Declarations of Victory - Remember 2000? The MSM declared Gore the winner in Florida before the polls were closed in the Central Time Zone of the Panhandle. According to a survey by John McLaughlin & Associates, thousands of right-leaning voters may have been dissuaded from going to the polls after the false declaration. Bush carried that part of Florida 67% to Gore's 31%.
  3. Charges of Voting Irregularities - In the event of any critical losses by the Dems, you can rest assured they will level charges of various types including vague ballot listings, malfunctioning voting machines, vote tampering, voter intimidation, too few voting machines in Democratic counties, and maybe some new ones we haven't heard of yet. Remember, Republicans have to "steal" elections to win, Bush's presidency is "illegitimate", etc., etc. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black...
  4. Voting Irregularities - No election ever goes off without a hitch. No system is perfect. Because no system is perfect, it can be manipulated. It has already been reported that dead people in St. Louis have registered to vote this year. BTW, these people would be dead Democrats.
  5. Sabotage and Intimidation - During a recent election Republican "Get Out The Vote" vehicles had their tires slashed. GOP candidate offices were vandalized. Make no mistake. The hatred on the left is at a fever pitch and you can expect more of the same.

You can find more instances of Democratic election chaos on the Power Line Blog.

A friend of mine recently went to his polling place in rural Arkansas to vote in the Republican primary. Here is a paraphrased version of what he was told by the poll workers, "You don't want to vote over there (the Republican primary). You'd just be wasting your time."

To be fair, I will tell you another election story. I live in a small, conservative district of Arkansas. At my polling place, everyone knows everyone. In the last primary the Republican line was long while the Democrat line was empty. One of the Democrat poll workers told a guy at the back of the Republican line that he could come over and vote on the Democrat side. His response was a classic and he was quite serious. He said, "I can't vote over there. That goes against everything I believe." The Republican line erupted in laughter. And we all waited for our turn.

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