Friday, October 06, 2006

Double Standard For Corruption And Perversion?

The Mark Foley scandal is just the tip of the iceberg. Washington is immersed in corruption and perversion. Taking illegal monies and gifts, blackmail, extortion, sexual perversion, and more are the things Washington is made of.

But I have to ask this question - When corruption in Washington is exposed, is there a double standard applied? Let's look at a few examples.

In 1983, two Congressmen, one Democrat and one Republican, were investigated for sexual misconduct. Both had inappropriate sexual relationships with minors. Both men were censured by the House of Representatives. Both men ran for re-election. The Republican, Dan Crane, was voted out. The Democrat, Gerry Stubbs, continued to be re-elected until he retired in 1997.

January 1998, a story breaks that President Bill Clinton has been accused of having a sexual relationship with 21-year-old White House intern, Monica Lewinsky. While Miss Lewinsky was technically an adult, she was reassigned to another job due to "inappropriate and immature behavior."

For eight months, Bill Clinton repeatedly lied publicly regarding a sexual relationship with Miss Lewinsky. Democrats were outraged by the investigation and harangued Republicans for "the politics of personal destruction." On August 17, 1998, Bill Clinton admitted on national television that he had been lying about the affair. To this day, Democrats believe Republicans should have left Bill Clinton alone because character doesn't matter.

Now we have Mark Foley. Do the Democrats want us to leave him alone? No. Not only did they want Foley's head (and rightfully so), they want the head of every Republican leader in the House, regardless of whether they knew anything about Foley's conduct or not.

There is clearly a double standard applied by the Democrats to corruption in Washington. If you're a Democrat, your incredible service to this country trumps your offenses and you get a pass. But if you're a Republican, you deserve nothing less than crucifixion.

If you don’t have character and integrity, you don’t deserve to be in Washington, regardless of what party you are with.

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