Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Red State Conservative Bio

Since this is a new blog I thought I should give you some background information and a bio. I will try to make it somewhat interesting.

I grew up in a small town in Western Arkansas with a family of lifelong Democrats. My mother's side of my family was friends with the Bumpers family (Sen. Dale Bumpers). That solidified my allegiance to the Democratic Party. In high school, the extent of my knowledge about politics was extremely limited therefore, I supported Sen. Bumpers because I knew him. That was the only reason I had.

While I was still in high school in the late 1970's, things began to change. Jimmy Carter made a mess of this country. Interest rates were out of control and gas prices were rising rapidly.

I turned 18 in 1980 and was eligible to vote in the November General Election that same year. That's also when the charismatic Ronald Reagan rode in to save the day. Now I have to admit, I didn't vote for Reagan because he was a conservative or because he was a Republican. Honestly, I didn't know what either one really stood for. Actually, I remember being told that if Reagan got elected, we would go to war with Russia.

Despite that warning and the potential of being drafted, I voted for Reagan to clean up the mess and have supported conservatives ever since. He showed me what conservatism was about and proved what it could do for this country, while exposing the failure of Democratic policies. I still believe Ronald Reagan was the greatest president of my lifetime. By the time I graduated from college in 1985, I was solidly conservative.

While I was conservative in my beliefs, I was not active in politics. I didn't follow the issues unless they directly affected me. All of that changed in 1992.

For 12 years I had seen first hand how Bill Clinton governed the State of Arkansas. When he emerged as the Democratic nominee for president, it motivated me to begin following politics.

Clinton's eight years in Washington took the Democratic Party farther and farther away from what it was 40 years prior. Today, it is controlled by leftists whose policies will destroy this country if we don't stop them.

To expose the left, I began to write letters to newspapers in Arkansas. Being a web site designer since 1995, it was only natural that I get involved in the political blogging arena.

I would like to thank David Kinkade from the Asa For Governor campaign for getting me interested in blogging and for promoting this blog.

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