Monday, September 25, 2006

Clinton Loses Control

It seems that Chris Wallace not only touched a nerve with Bill Clinton when he asked him about whether he did enough to get Usama bin Laden, but it appeared he jabbed it with his pen. See an edited version of the interview at

Judging from the numerous inaccuracies in Clinton's rant, I've come to the conclusion that he is so experienced at and comfortable with lying that he can't help it. It just occurs naturally with him.

Being a native Arkansan, I have many, many years of experience with Bill Clinton's prevarication. When the truth is being exposed, he gets angry. While he was president, he had advisors who made him control it.

However, something makes me want to think this was a planned tirade. The question was not provocative enough to warrant Clinton's rabid response. I feel sorry for Chris Wallace. He was only doing his job and doing it well.


Bill Kristol wrote a great article in The Weekly Standard about Bill Clinton's tirade. Seems as though others think it may have been pre-planned.

NOTE: Photograph manipulated in Photoshop.

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