Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Arkansans Tired of War?

In today's NWA Edition of the ADG, Paul Barton has a story about Arkansans growing weary of the war in Iraq. I will be the first to say that I don't like the war in Iraq. I don't like any war and most people don't. I also don't like root canals, firing employees, or disciplining my children. But some things are necessary. If these problems go ignored, they will be much more painful to deal with later.

President Bush told us at the beginning that this would be an involved and protracted effort. This is not a war against a nation, but against a radical movement. It is a war of ideology. It is a war in which there can be no negotiation with the enemy. They don't want land or money. They simply want us destroyed. That is their only goal.

If we pull out of Iraq before the job is done, we will lose everything we have gained. We will leave a haven for terrorist organizations to plan and train for more attacks against us. We will once again show our enemies that we don't have enough resolve to win. That will embolden them to challenge us with even more attacks.

Public opinion is not a reason to pull out of Iraq or stay. Public opinion is a reed in the wind. Great leaders don't lead by public opinion. They just do what is right.

P.S. The picture is my brother (left) with Gen. Tommy Franks.

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